Women’s Budget Statement – Advancing Women in the Workforce

Our economic growth, our competitive advantage and our future prosperity depend on our ability to meet
labor force participation issues. Increasing women’s participation in the workforce is one of our nation’s goals
greater economic and social opportunities. Likewise, ensuring that we maximize our talent and
Empowering women in the workforce will be central to our nation’s success.
The COVID-19 pandemic has led to the collapse of Australia’s migration program. While we
understand the necessary and important decisions that were made at the start of the pandemic to close
At Australia’s borders, the long-term effect of the closed border policy has resulted in a large workforce
shortages in the market – both in terms of skilled and unskilled workers. It has never been more important to
ensuring that every person in Australia who can work is working. Therefore, increasing the participation of women
in the workforce is essential.
By building on current policies, we can increase choices and opportunities for women –
easier for them to return to the labor market, to get new and better jobs, jobs with more hours and jobs that
allow them to build their careers and develop.
Huge gains must be made if we can put in place the right structural and political parameters to increase women’s participation.

You can read the full statement from our women here.

Dorothy H. Lewis