Woman pays off her husband’s student debt as a Christmas present

All over the world, millions of people are struggling to pay off their student loan debt. In America, it has become a crisis for millions of citizens. Data shows that about 44.7 million Americans have a delinquent student loan, amounting to $ 1.86 trillion.

Social media influencer Jayla Brenae has gone viral after paying off her husband’s student loan debt as a Christmas present. In a post on Instagram, she revealed that she wants her husband to go into 2022 debt-free.

According to her, from the start of their relationship, the husband referred to his student loan debt as a dark cloud hovering over him. On top of that, she watched him work two jobs in order to support the family and also pay off his student loan debt, but due to the pandemic he is now out of work.

“We started the start of this year with a review of our finances and our debts. It was our desire to get closer to 2022 to be completely debt-free, ”Brenae explained in the post. “From the start of our relationship, my husband has referred to his student loans as a dark cloud hanging over him and now over his family.

“He started working a second job to make sure we were okay. He did everything to make this desire of my heart come true. Fast forward to today where I can finally thank him for everything and make his wish and mine come true.

In 2019, Brenae made the decision to be a stay-at-home mom to pursue a career in creating lifestyle content, an idea she said her husband had embraced fully. And to return the love and loyalty of her husband, she decided to pay off her student loan debt in full.

The gift was accompanied by a heartwarming message to her husband: “You are a debt-free baby student and we are getting closer to a debt-free family!” “

Dorothy H. Lewis