The government of the province of Karnali introduces the budget by ordinance


KARNALI: The government of Karnali province unveiled the new budget for fiscal year 201/22 by ordinance because the budget could not pass from the Provincial Assembly.

A meeting of the Council of Ministers held Thursday evening recommended two ordinances to the provincial head relating to the budget.

On the recommendation of the government, the head of the province Govinda Prasad Kalauni released Thursday evening “the order of appropriation of the province of Karnali, 2078” and “the economic order of the province of Karnali, 2078”, declared the Minister. office of the head of the province.

In a statement issued by the office secretary of the head of province, Thakur Prasad Sigdel, said that these two ordinances were issued by the head of province in accordance with article 202 (1) of the Constitution of Nepal.

Although the provincial government tabled its budget of Rs 36.54 billion on June 15, the meeting of the Provincial Assembly could not be held following the obstruction of the main opposition party CPN (UML).

Meanwhile, Minister of Home Affairs and Legal Affairs of Karnali Province Sita Nepali said the provincial government had been forced to opt for an ordinance to bring in its budget due to obstruction to the provincial assembly of the main opposition party CPN (UML).

Before that, the provincial government ended the budget session last midnight. After the promulgation of the ordinances, the provincial government received legal authority to execute the new budget for the fiscal year 2078/079.

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