The aldermen authorize the IEPA loan; Approves Williams as Galesburg Township Assessor

Galesburg city council on Monday night authorized a forgivable loan that will eventually replace the last of Galesburg’s lead water pipes. As they have done several times in recent years, council voted on Monday to borrow $ 2 million from the IEPA through the Water Supply Loan Program to replace lead service lines. Once the project is completed, the IEPA will cancel the total amount of the loan. It is estimated that the $ 2 million would replace 450 to 500 service lines. City Manager Todd Thompson also reports that Phase 4 of the service line replacement is complete and they are working through to Phase 5. Council also approved a resolution allowing the Director of Public Works to sign the service line documents. ready for replacement of lead service lines.

Laura Williams was approved as the Township of Galesburg’s new assessor at Monday’s city council meeting. Williams served for several years as an Assistant Evaluator in the office, under the direction of Stephen Daly, who died on the 23rd. Daly had just won a new term in the office he was sworn in in April. Williams is expected to serve the remainder of Daly’s term until 2025. The council also approved a resolution to add street lights at two locations around town that were outside of lighting protocols. One is at W. Losey between Hawkinson Avenue and Lawrence, and the other is Whiting Avenue between Grand and East 2nd St. City manager Todd Thompson said a city review found that the The spacing of the lights did not meet their own guidelines, so these LED lights were recommended.

Dorothy H. Lewis