S. Lebanon Twp. supervisors pledge loan for new Campbelltown fire truck

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Township of South Londonderry supervisors agreed on Tuesday to provide an undetermined loan to Campbelltown Fire Company to help pay for a new fire truck in 2024.

The Campbelltown Fire Company plans to purchase a new built-to-order truck and has been offered a contract totaling $877,622. They have until April 30 to accept it.

Due to time pressure to accept the contract, the fire company asked the council to consider accepting a partial loan, which would pay for the truck in addition to the fire tax.

Council members Jack Custer (left) and Faith Bucks (center), and engineer Frank Chlebnikow (right). Council member William Bova was not present at Tuesday’s meeting.

The board members present (Faith Bucks and Jack Custer) unanimously agreed to commit to a loan, but not a specific amount.

Final numbers have yet to be calculated, so the council will need to work with the fire company to draft a resolution and loan documents. Tuesday’s action simply approves the deal as proposed.

The fire company will not need to start paying for the truck until it is delivered in 2024, by which time 95% of the costs will be due.

Bucks estimated that about $500,000 is currently stored in fire tax funds. More will accrue at the time payment is due.

Custer’s motion to approve the deal asked the fire company to consider the merits of paying part of the contract early for a better deal.

The loan will be repaid gradually using $40,000 per year from the fire tax and $40,000 per year from the fire station’s general fund.

The new fire truck, replacing a 1995 model, will be a Class C Marauder with a six-man cap. The engine itself will cost $829,622, while the gear will cost $35,000 and the fitting of the radio and gear will cost $13,000.

other business

In other cases counsel:

  • Review of the as-build of a stormwater retention facility at 168 Schoolhouse Road and unanimous approval of an operations and maintenance agreement allowing its use as a wet retention facility, while it was originally designed as a dry retention facility.
  • Unanimously approved an updated traffic plan for the Got the Nerve Triathlon, to be held May 21 from 7:45 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
  • Unanimously agreed to advertise the sale of a 2005 backhoe.
  • Heard reports, including the township manager’s report, who noted that spring cleaning day is scheduled for April 23 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and street sweeping will be April 27-29.
  • Heard a suggestion from Township Manager John Eberly to consider cyber insurance for the township, offering three quotes ranging from $16,000 to $7,500. No action was taken and Eberly was asked to pursue the matter further.
  • It was unanimously agreed to authorize the easement of ownership at Colebrook for the construction and maintenance of a new sign.
  • Followed Chief Constable William Reigle’s recommendation and unanimously agreed to end Constable John Dengler’s one-year probationary period.
  • Public update on the search committee for a new police officer who has been selected with an effective hire date of May 16, if he passes background checks. His proposed salary is $69,493.
  • Invoice unanimously approved and payrolls 06 and 07-22.
  • Unanimously approved the March 8 Board Meeting Minutes (PDF), March 15 Special Meeting and March 23 Board Workshop.

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Dorothy H. Lewis