Man charged after defaulting on vehicle loan and stripping vehicle to sell parts | Crime reports

Hughesville, Pennsylvania – A Hughesville man stripped his vehicle and sold it for parts after he defaulted on his vehicle loan and told the lender it was stolen.

Kyle W. Keizer, 35, now faces theft charges after the lender, PALCO Federal Credit Union in Muncy, contacted police.

Montoursville State Police say Keizer has not made payments on a 2012 GMC Sierra 2500 Denali pickup truck since 2020, when the vehicle was reported stolen in West Virginia. A credit union official told police they discovered the vehicle was picked up and brought back to Pennsylvania by Keizer in October 2020.

The credit union had been trying to locate the vehicle since then, due to a lien on it. In May, a dumpster tracer was dispatched to Keizer’s residence and found the vehicle to be partially stripped of valuable parts and unusable, according to the affidavit written by Cavalier William Davis III. Jump tracers are professional tracers that are used to locate people who are often in debt.

Photos taken by the dumpster tracer showed that the bed, front fenders, hood, wheels and tires, interior and bumpers were missing from the vehicle. The vehicle was removed from the property on May 20.

Davis interviewed Keizer several weeks later, who said the vehicle broke down while driving it home in 2020 after being picked up in West Virginia. Keizer towed it the rest of the way back and reportedly pulled spare parts from the vehicle. Keizer claimed he replaced those parts with genuine parts in an effort to recover money to help pay off his loan, Davis wrote.

Keizer told Davis that several people had asked for parts from the vehicle, so he began selling them since he felt he still owed $15,000 on the loan. The coins were sold to at least 10 different people via online marketplace and forum pages.

Although Keizer received $6,000 for the parts, he told Davis at the time of the interview that he only had a few thousand dollars he could spend on the loan.

Keizer was arraigned on June 30. District Judge William C. Solomon set bail at $10,000 with no collateral.

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