Gender Budget Statement to Boost Women’s Empowerment in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh has made significant strides in the social and economic upliftment of women in the state, making it one of the top performers in gender equality.

In order to give new impetus to women’s empowerment, the state government is emphasizing gender mainstreaming.

An official spokesperson said here on Sunday that to achieve this goal, the state government has included a Gender Budget Statement (GBS) in the 2022-23 budget.

“The state government is committed to uplifting women in the state by ensuring gender equity for women facing traditional and social disadvantages through the successful implementation of the gender budget statement . The gender budget statement is a gender-responsive budgeting tool that aims to ensure an equitable distribution of resources between the sexes,” he said.

State government with effective implementation of GBS aims to analyze the differential impact of state government policies, programs and schemes for women, he said, adding that in addition to gender mainstreaming, GBS would ensure optimal budgetary resources for women’s wellbeing and assess the effectiveness of gender budgeting.

Gender responsive budgeting is an exercise to close the gender gap and provide equal opportunities for all and the involvement of every department plays a vital role in bridging the gap. To ensure effective implementation of GBS, Gender Budget Units (GBC) have been set up in different departments.

The gender budget cell is an institutional mechanism that would facilitate the integration of gender analysis in the government budget, to address gender imbalances and promote gender equality, he added.

“To initiate an integrated approach and guide the Gender Budget Units (GBCs) set up by the departments, the state government is conducting workshops and trainings through the HP Institute of Public Administration, the Department of ‘State of Women and Child Development and UN Women India in partnership with India’s Ministry of Women and Child Development,’ he said.

The state government’s vision to implement the GBS would ensure that the necessary funds for the development and empowerment of women and girls are provided to them, he said, adding that the GBS would monitor financial performance. and physical deliverables from various departments and assess whether the money has been spent as planned.

GBS would be beneficial in assessing the adequacy of budget allocations in effectively implementing gender responsive policies and programs and further improving the gender equality situation in Himachal Pradesh, he argued.

Dorothy H. Lewis