Gambia: Government supplementary budget to cope with the operations of the last 5 months of 2021


Finance Minister Mambury Njai on Wednesday tabled the supplementary budget proposal to meet certain government operations for the remainder of fiscal 2021 by providing additional public services such as security, infrastructure, election-related services, health and commitments to international financial institutions, among others.

The ministry said in a press release on Friday that contrary to what circulated on some social networks / online networks, the finance ministry submitted D 1,767,400,000.00 to the National Assembly (NA) as Supplementary Appropriation Bill (SAB), 2021. The statement continued that in order to cover available revenue, the amount previously submitted was revised to 1.5 billion dinars by the ministry and not by the National Assembly, as some social media and online networks claim.

NA finally approved an amount of 1.5 billion Dalasis for fiscal year 2021 to address the areas mentioned above.

Speaking at the NA on Wednesday, the Hon. Njie said, “In the framework of the OIC Heads of State Summit to be held in 2022, various infrastructure projects will be implemented, including construction of new roads and extension of existing roads in the Greater Banjul region (GBA). The Bertil Harding Highway will be expanded to a two-lane road, requiring an additional 40 meters on each side, which will lead to the acquisition of properties along the corridor. People whose properties are affected will be eligible for compensation and it is the government’s responsibility under compensating landowners. This donor requirement was inadvertently omitted from the approved estimates for 2021. ”

The Minister explained that in order to meet the requirement to hold free and fair elections in 2021, it is considered necessary to provide the Independent Electoral Commission and the judiciary with the necessary resources to carry out the registration and registration exercises. validation of voters.

He added that there are gaps in voter registration documents and an omission of the creation and operationalization of review tribunals in the current approved estimates.

Njie continued that Banjul’s drainage infrastructure is weak, “some have collapsed in sections and they need to be rebuilt.”

The Minister said that the Kaleng-Bushtown and Lower Yorabowal roads in the Upper River Region (URR) are ready and therefore additional resources are included in this additional proposal for the settlement of arrears due to the ‘contractor.

“The country has accumulated significant capital arrears owed to the ECOWAS Investment and Development Bank (EBID). . To maximize these benefits, we believe it is necessary to begin to settle some of our equity arrears. “

He further stated that The Gambia also owed the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) and the University of The Gambia scholarship arrears exceeding 100 million dinars.

According to his statement, the SAB tends to respond to the needs of the Drug Law Enforcement Agency (DLEAG), the Gambian Armed Forces (GAF), the Ministry of Health for the purchase of 70 ambulances, radio and television services. Gambia (GRTS), Gambian Civil Aviation. (GCAA) and additional resources are also needed to improve the lives of the poor and most vulnerable during the latest storm.

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