Budget Statement: Senate Republican Budget Director Steve Oroho

Senate Republican Budget Director Steve Oroho released the following statement after the Senate passed the state budget for fiscal year 2022:

“This budget represents a wasted opportunity. There are too many things in this budget that we could have already dealt with. Which we should have already settled.

“The Democrats’ plan spends hundreds of millions of dollars on pork projects in an election year and ignores critical needs that would have helped stabilize New Jersey’s finances for years to come.

“With billions of dollars in federal money and tax revenues that exceeded all expectations, there were things we could have done to help every New Jersey resident while the governor was signing executive orders.

“This budget gave us another opportunity to get it right, but the Legislative Assembly fell short.

“Republicans offered a plan to save 200 school districts from Murphy’s unnecessary budget cuts, but Democrats missed the chance to get it right.

“My co-workers and I have consistently called for using some of the billions in state and federal relief funds to overhaul faulty computer systems out of work and at MVC, and we’ve lobbied to use Washington’s money to fill shortages in the state unemployment insurance fund.

“This budget also missed those opportunities, and within days, on July 1, New Jersey employers will be hit with a major payroll tax hike that Democrats have refused to stop.

“We have a lot of things to work on to make New Jersey more competitive, more efficient and fairer for everyone. This budget fails taxpayers in that regard.

Dorothy H. Lewis