Budget statement: pro-tempore Senate president Teresa Ruiz

Pro-tempore Senate Speaker Teresa Ruiz made the following statement after the Senate adopted the state budget for fiscal year 2022:

“The budget we adopted represents the culmination of months of long meetings and thoughtful deliberation that resulted in the investment of more than $ 468 million in state and federal money in the future of our children.

Throughout our budget process, I fought hard to ensure that we included meaningful investments in the education of our children. Increasing extraordinary funding for special education and early intervention will reduce the financial burden on local districts and ensure that our students with intellectual and developmental disabilities receive the support they need. We have also included funding for innovative programs to ensure that our schools not only provide extraordinary academic education, but also care for our students as a whole. “

As we seek to address the learning loss and close the achievement gap, it is essential that we have a thorough understanding of what has worked so far to ensure that we are spending our money on programs. effective.

It is essential that we have the infrastructure in place to support the expected return to work in person. The $ 100 million committed to revitalizing child care will allow providers statewide to keep their doors open and meet the growing demand expected in the months to come. We cannot afford to let this industry collapse; this essential investment will allow them to continue to serve their communities and take care of our children.

Dorothy H. Lewis