Arsenal Tammy Abraham loan update


Arsenal are considering a loan for Chelsea striker Tammy Abraham. The reports appear to be from The S * n, who we have no connection with, but the transfer rumor has gained enough popularity that most other outlets are using it. The loan would come with a £ 40million purchase obligation at the end of next season, which is good as Arsenal will need to restock the striker’s pantry soon.

Abraham, 23, is from the country with a 15-goal Premier League season under his belt as well as two more than 20-goal seasons in the league. Last year, he scored 12 goals (6 in Prem) in 32 appearances in all competitions playing mainly on the bench in PL. He’s a shooter and xG monster, but not really a passer – attack moves end with him. Scott Willis, (@oh_that_crab) tweeted a few graphics derived from Abraham’s very strong 2019-20 season, while he was a regular starter.

In a vacuum, I like to move. Abraham is a good young player and Arsenal will need a striker as soon as possible as Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is 32 and out of contract at the end of ’22 -’23. Alexandre Lacazette’s contract comes to an end at the end of this season, and he has no future in North London. Eddie Nketiah could be on the move this summer and I’m still not convinced he’s good enough to be an Arsenal regular. Folarin Balogun has just been promoted to the first team and has 76 minutes of senior football experience.

If Arsenal loan Abraham, I think a few other things must (and probably will) happen. I think Eddie Nketiah is sold. Alexandre lacazette could be sold too, but I’m not sure there’s a lot of market for it right now. He’s more likely to play his contract and leave for free next summer. Of those two, I think Lacazette is much more likely to have a significant impact for Arsenal this season, so I would be okay with him staying and playing for the club for another year. Nketiah is more valuable because of his age and local status, and may have fees that could help secure another deal.

I would also like Folarin Balogun to be loaned somewhere where he will play regularly; he needs the first team, the senior minutes, even if it’s the championship. This season he won’t get the development minutes he needs at Arsenal – he’s fourth in the pecking order. Adding Abraham would move Balogun lower in the depth chart. Aside: while Balogun is highly rated and we love his outlook, he’s not determined to be a star / striker of the future at Arsenal.

The club would do very well to cover themselves by acquiring a proven Premier League player from Tammy Abraham. And honestly, the movement is good, independent of Folarin Balogun. Arsenal are going to need a striker soon. I think £ 40million is a fair price for a proven young player with significant upside potential. It’s a good deal in my book.

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